Summer 2010
Bulletin board at the Students’ center with jobs for students was my everyday stop. I can’t remember a year that was as bad as this one. There was nothing I could do and the summer was passing by. I called everyone I knew trying to find a job. My goal was to earn 9240 kuna for tuition. I had only two months to earn that much. The only job I found was the position of a worker on a ramp in one of the camps of Opatija Riviera. My workplace consisted of a plastic chair, a table and a ramp that had to be lifted manually. The job of a human robot had this advantage – the time to think. In my notebook I was writing all kinds of calculations, I tried to calculate how much money I was going to earn because on my job interview that wasn’t precisely defined. Anyway, I knew I wasn’t going to earn enough for tuition bearing in mind that my transport costs were 21 kuna on daily basis. When I calculated how much that was going to cost me in my two months of work I knew I had to think of another, cheaper, way, otherwise I wouldn’t earn hardly anything. I started to collect used tickets and erase them with cleanser so that I could use them again and again. Talking to some people who worked there before me and friends who were employed in tourist facilities I drew a conclusion that most of them find different ways to earn something extra by bending the rules. Due to the embedded moral values, my upbringing and character this type of activity was too hard for me.
These are the twenty euros earned in illegal way. Each ten euros separately, which means I had done it two times. In the evening hours young people come to the camp only to spend the night there and in the morning continue their journey. Overnight stay for two persons with a car and a tent costs twenty-one euro, but I decided that I could do both of us a favor if I charged them only ten euros and in the morning pass them through the ramp. Nobody would suspect that I was doing something outside the rules or that I had done it frequently, but a sleepless night and a sense of guilt simply weren’t worth these ten euros. These twenty euros I don’t want to use as a mean of payment, I’d like to exhibit them as a part of a work of art as an indication of the problems of society in which cheating the system and bending the rules are daily routine.


rampa gif.gif













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