2012. “They can be found in trams” solo exhibition. Gallery SC. Zagreb

2014. ‘‘Transformation 1250’’ solo exhibition, Gallery Windows,  Zagreb,HR
2015.“Open studio” Gallery Miroslav Kraljević, Zagreb, HR




2008.“Under Construction” – group exhibition, Gallery SC, Zagreb, HR

2009. ‘‘Opening of Culture Club Mocvara”, group exhibition, ALU students, Zagreb, HR

2009. “Urban Festival 09,” group exhibition, Culture Club “Močvara” Zagreb, HR
2010. S. Prokofiev: “Ivan the Terrible”,Concert Hall V. Lisinski, Zagreb
         cooperation between three Academy (University Rector Award), HR

2011. Collaboration of students from ALU and London Metropolitan University:
         Zagreb/ Gallery Miroslav Kraljević, HR
         London/ Metropolitan University, UK
2011.“Dark matter” – group exhibition, Karas Gallery, Zagreb, HR
2012.‘‘The light dark matter’’ – MM centre, group exhibition, Zagreb, HR

2012. G.Bizet: Carmen- Concert Hall V. Lisinski, Zagreb Cooperation between three Academy HR
2012.“Energy 2012” exhibition of awarded works of the ALU students, Zagreb, HR
2012.“31 Youth Salon” group exhibition, HDLU Zagreb, HR

2013. ‘‘MSU Essl Award’’ group exhibition, Museum of conteporary art, Zagreb, HR

2013. ‘‘48. Zagreb Salon’’ group exhibition, HDLU Zagreb, HR

2013. ‘‘Transcending cultures’’, group exhibition, Essl Art Award CEE, Vienna, AUT
2013.‘‘Drava Art Bienalle’’, group exhibition, Koprivnica, Zagreb, HR
2015.“Preforacije 2015” – Night of performans; Studenski centar Zagreb,HR
2015.“Erste Fragmenti”, Galerija Kranjčar, Zagreb, HR,
2015.“Order – slowdown”, group exibition, Galerija Vn,Zagreb , HR

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